Loes Voermans, Bachelor Student Industrial Design

Currently Intern at the Design Exploration Team of Philips Lighting

"Always go beyond the user's imagination."

Passionate about:
Marketing - Trends - Discovering Unique Selling Points - Lighting - Wellbeing - UX - Co-design - Social Design

Nice to meet you!

I am a strong believer in co-design. Continuous involvement of different stakeholders leads to more successful designs, less mistakes, quicker results and happier users.

I am highly interested in positioning and marketing of new products and services. I enjoy to spot new trends and unmet user needs, which I translate into winning and meaningful innovations.

By combining my knowledge in technology with my passion for co-design and business while keeping an eye on environmental consequences gives me the opportunity to create successful designs.

Note: so far the project themes have been chosen for me by the Technical University and the themes are therefore not necessarily a good representation of my personal interests.

Design Research Project Adelante Zitpoli, second year Bachelor project

For the second semester of my second year I've been working on a Design Research Project for a client called Adelante Zorggroep. Me and my team have contributed in doing research to improve use and communication of data in therapist sessions with people in a wheelchair. Our research question was:

How can the presentation of data be improved to support therapist sessions with people in a wheelchair?

To answer this question, we have designed a program with multiple visualizations of the data. We used this program for our research.

Contact me for more information on the research paper/program

Paths, second year Bachelor project

Paths is a step by step educational toolkit that helps pupils in high school to bring structure in their projects and to reflect on the progress and their learnings. Unique about Paths is that the reflection is taking place continuously, which allows pupils to learn more effectively.

This multifunctional tool can be applied to any design or research process, and the amount of steps can be adjusted by the teacher for different purposes.

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GoOut, first year Bachelor project

GoOut gives a new and interactive dimension to the concept of a ball. It is intended to encourage physical activity by stimulating children to play and making them curious.

Through exploration the child will find out all the possible functions of GoOut. When GoOut is not used, it will mysteriously glow to seek the attention of the child. When moving it around, GoOut will shine different colored lights and play music. This will encourage the children to keep going.

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The PAR, first year Bachelor project

The PAR is designed for starting amature runners, who are due to their unexperienced posture more vulnerable for knee injuries, to prevent them from getting a knee injury.

PAR Prevents injuries from happening, provides feedback to Adjust the posture of the user and saves the data for Re-use.

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